Everyone's been winging it since forever

Oct 5, 2015. | By: Lalaland

While preparing slides for an upcoming talk at JS.Geo I started looking at the list of presenters. As someone that’s been making maps for only a year or so, I was suddenly overcome with the urge to crawl in a hole: these people have, almost to a (wo)man, built the tools I’m barely managing to make work. My tweet to that effect elicited a reponse I needed to hear:

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A Giant Pumpkin in the Lettuces

Oct 4, 2015. | By: Lalaland

Original sketch Almost exactly a year ago, I got this email from the Listserve that made me start thinking about all of the tiny things that, when added up, make a place ‘good’ to…be. I still wasn’t sure if I would work in government yet, but I’d just returned from the Code for America Summit and was thinking about it a lot. I started a little pencil sketch, and finished a few months later on vacation in Puerto Rico. I’d completely forgotten I’d digitized and colored it until tonight. Below is the story; I think it’s still my favorite email.

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